How can you book cheap flight tickets?

Do you want to book a cheap flight ticket? And is this also the cheapest rate? Well, for all you enthusiasts who are always on the go, we have given you some tips to help you book cheap flights. So, get ready to tick off new destinations on your travel list without burning a hole in your pocket.


1. Fix your date of travel.

You may have come across websites that claim that booking flights on a Tuesday or traveling on a weekday will save you a lot of money. But it's not always like this. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the prices for the entire month. In this way, you will have a clear idea of ​​the days that are cheapest for your destination. Where do you check the monthly prices? Navigate through Google Flights, Skyscanner, or Hopper. All you have to do is feed yourself in the departure and arrival cities. Please check the one-way fare first. Click Check Out, do not enter a date, select the full month. Then click - find flights and you will find the date that will be the lowest rate. Now follow the steps above for your return flight to get the cheapest fare. If you book through the mobile app, you can see the price table and make your reservation accordingly.

2. Use incognito when booking a cheap flight ticket.

Have you noticed that every time you search for your flight, ticket prices go up in your browser? Well, this is due to cookies in your browser. The site increases the fare after multiple searches, so you book your flight right away. You start to expect prices to keep rising. Therefore, we recommend that, when searching for flights, do it in incognito mode. Each time open a new incognito window before starting the search. This way, your previous searches will not be saved and you will not see high airfares. Other alternatives include browsing from another laptop/computer or clearing cookies at lower prices.

3. Go for local airlines.

Most search engines don't show local airlines. This occurs most often in remote locations or less popular routes. If you are flying to any of these destinations, we recommend that you Google local airline information. Then visit the local airline's website and look for deals or deals. This will definitely help you, book tickets at a lower price.

4. Book your flights well in advance.

If your travel dates and destination have been determined, we recommend that you book your flights immediately. The reason is that as the date of departure approaches, the fares of airlines will only increase, there are very few exceptions. By booking your flights in advance, you can save a lot and use them for other enjoyable experiences.

5. Book on the cheapest day.

According to research, if you book your flight tickets at midnight - Monday through Thursday, you get cheaper airfares. So - stay awake, save more!