Travelling tips during a covid-19 pandemic


Travelling is considered a major part of today's generation. people travel from one country to another. travelling makes learn a new language, expose yourself to different cultures, grow knowledge, spark inner creativity, make new friends and etc...

But currently, it's not safe, travelling or hanging out. Due to an infectious disease that had been spread all over the world (covid19). Which spreads from person to person. This is a virus that is too dangerous and spreads very quickly...

Symptoms include cold, cough, continuous sneezing, headache, dizziness, weakness and etc. if this kind of symptoms is observed, take the person to the doctor as soon as possible, before its spread...

Some tips to travel safely -

1. travel through a car, which is safe.

2. minimize less contact with people.

3. Use mask, gloves, hand sanitisers, use our own things rather than using others.

4. Maintain a distance of at least 4 to 5meters.

5. Wash hands regularly, keep hygiene around u.

6. avoid touching ur eyes, nose, mouth with unwashed hands.

7.avoid close contact with sick people.

8.Don't touch here there while travelling, those objects contain some kind of germs, which can infect use very easily.

So these are some tips to be followed during travelling.....or going anywhere, like hanging out, while playing...etc