The World's Famous Penglipuran Traditional Village Blog

Penglipuran village is one of the traditional villages in Indonesia, Bangli Regency Bali province. This village is a famous tourist destination in Indonesia, due to its beauty, greenery, its culture, tradition, etc. People come from very far to visit this village, to have some leisure time to spend with family, friends, and even couples. These villagers keep their environment hygiene, they look after their neighboring surroundings. They are very conscious about their village. Pengalipuran village received an award from Government because of their consciousness to protect the bamboo forest in their ecosystem about their village, environment. And also without losing their culture and tradition. Over most villagers get married to their own villagers to preserve family lineage or just because of their heredity. Here one of the best bamboos can be found in Bali. Here people say that bamboo is a very slow-growing tree, easily cannot be grown, so they think it’s a blessing of their ancestor, who had been planted very long ago.


People of Penglipuran village use this bamboo for making houses, buildings. here are some of the buildings made up of bamboo (Pawan, bale Sakenem, bale Banjar). The total area of this village reaches 112 hectares. these villages are surrounded by many other villages(Kayang village, Kabu village, Gunaksa village). Sometimes even rainfall is a great source for visitors and tourists. Temperature varies from cool to cold this is what makes tourists get attracted. Most of the tourist attraction is people living with there culture, tradition, etc. and even forest of Bamboo, its greenery, etc.. people even can stay over there, villagers provide them some accommodation. This is what people need a break from their busy schedules. To have some time and enjoy their life. Today teenagers are very lazy that, they don’t like villages. But I really prefer going over here in my life once. Coz this village is something different and first of all people of villagers are very concern about their village safety, cleanness, and many more things. That’s why one should also visit villages, to enjoy fresh air, greenery, even because its pollution is free. There's a village in Indonesia named  {Pengli Puran village}. You will never feel left out in a village, Villages have a life force of their own you will feel more relaxed and peaceful in the villages